36a Old Town, Clapham, London SW4 0LB

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Sun, Tue & Wed -6:00 pm -10:00pm
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The Food

Our menu is short but enough. Simple but unique that’s why our menus have been carefully chosen to not only allow us to show off our culinary
& Mixology skills, but more importantly for you to enjoy and tell your friends and neighbours about your experience with us. The most important philosophy that we hold, is that we cook & mix with love from the heart and soul and that’s the magic ingredient which makes us different. We cook everyday small amount of food in our butter and cream free little kitchen. All our meat and vegetables are locally sourced. Most of liquor comes from local breweries.

Our food is full of flavours and nutrients, this is the food we eat every day. Our ethos is Light, Fresh & Healthy. We don’t use any butter or cream in our dishes.


A great selection of grilled meats, rich stews & curries,
fresh vegetables and soft breads


An eclectic offering of our signature cocktails, special beers,
fine wines and personally selected spirits

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