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Allergy information
allergy g-gluten, ve-vegan, ms-mustard seeds, v-vegetarian, m-milk, dishes may contain traces of nuts. For more information please call on 202 7720 7902 0
Small Plates
pakora kale and onion chick pea flour fritters (ve) 4.5
chaat chickpea crisp breads with cumin yogurt, tamarind and coriander chutney (v,m) 4.5
pudina paneer spiced Indian cheese with yogurt, mint, and cumin (v,m) 5.5
aloo tikia potato cake spiced with mango powder and cumin (ve) 4.5
samosas crispy pastry triangles with spiced lamb mince (g) 4.5
tallee machli crispy cod fillet in dry spices (ms) 8
masala calamari tangy spiced squid with carom seeds 5.5
chicken 36 overnight marinated chicken morsels grilled to perfection 6.5
karara murgh chicken fillet coated with crushed spices 6
braised and stews
railway lamb curry aromatic lamb stew slow cooked for a full meaty, smoky flavor 8.5
dopiaza gosht beef curry in a rich onion sauce with whole spices 8.5
keema muttar spiced grounded lamb with peas 7.5
murgh masala tender chicken morsels simmered in ginger, tomato and yogurt sauce (m) 8.5
murghi ka salan home style chicken curry in a rich onion and tomato sauce (m) 8
Jhinga salan tiger prawns simmered in coconut and brown onionrn sauce (m,ms) 11
machli ka salan cod fish curry with mustard & fenugreek sauce (m,ms) 9
zumbura chops our signature grilled lamb chops twice marinated in herbs (m) 9
chapli kebab beef patties with mint, cumin, and crushed peppers 7
Jhinga grilled tiger prawns spiced with lime and pepperrn 11
meat selection selection of lamb chop, chicken 36 and chapli kebab 9
ghuggni black chickpeas braised in onion and mango powder (ve) 5
paneer masala ndain cheese cubes in rich tomato and fenugreek sauce (m) 6.5
bhindi braised chopped okra with cumin and a hint of mango powder (ve) 5
aloo ki tarkari nigella and carom seeds infused potato curry (ve) 4.5
daal curry leaves and garlic tempered lentils (ve) 4.5
namuna stir-fried peas with garlic, ginger and mint (ve) 4.5
khatte baigan baby aubergines spiced with tamarind and cumin (ve) 5.5
chicken birayani (m) braised basmati rice cooked with chicken morsels in aromatic spices and rose water (m) 9.5
breads & rice
chappati (g) wholemeal unleavened bread cooked on a hot plate 2
naan (v,g) plain 2.5
naan basket (g) plain, garlic and mint 5
steamed rice (ve) 3
pulao (ve) braised rice with whole spices 3.5

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