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'Athiti Devo Bhaba' Devo Bhavah is a Sanskrit verse which simply means - consider the guest as the god. "Tithi" in Sanskrit or even in Hindi language means a (calendrical) date. "A-tithi" means who does not have any date. In olden times, there were no fast modes of communication as compared to today and thus if anyone wants to visit or meet his near and dear ones, there were no ways he could communicate his arrival. So he used to pay a visit without any information and therefore in course of time guest used to be called "athithi" one who does not have any fixed time of arrival. "Devo" in Sanskrit means God-like and “bhava” means to understand. Atithi Devo Bhava means to assume a guest as God-like and so pay respect and homage in the similar way one would give to his God.

Meet The Team

Behind the scene. Together they combine experience and finely honed skills in hospitality industry, resulting in fun, funkey and
mouth-wateringly enjoyable dining experience in cool Clapham.


Executive Chef

Chef Raju Rawat has over 2 decades of experience working in both the UK and subcontinent. Having trained at one of the finest five star hotel groups in India, The Oberoi hotels and resorts, Raju went to work in Benares in Mayfair a Michelin star restaurant. He was the key member of the team when Benares received its first Michelin star in 2007. After that he moved to The Bombay Bicycle club largest Indian food delivery kitchens having 18 branches in London, part of The Clapham house group plc and then held prominent roles in Cinnamon club group. He developed the popular Indian street food brand Moolis.

He is passionate about cooking and developing new concepts. Having a vision to provide healthy, light and home style food in a restaurant setting, he came up with the Idea to open Zumbura where he uses only fresh ingredients where ever possible and supports local suppliers.

Binod Baral

Binod has proven track record of successfully managing as Group Executive Head Chef for multi-site units of 'The Bombay Bicycle Club'. It was biggest restaurant chain outside the India in his tenure under Clapham House Group PLC.
He says Zumbura is different project than past, he wants to make it extension of Indian mum's kitchen in London where he wants to offer the kind of food we eat every day, but within a restaurant setting. The menu has been created using recipes that are light, fresh healthy by using local produces where possible.

Recently travel globally for food research, new menu development, presentations, food shows, workshops and consultations of new openings and start-ups. Resourceful and committed to deliver quality with over two decades of experience as a leader in all types of high volume up market restaurants, multinational production kitchens, NPD chef for most of world major airline's residence, first and Business class meal, high profile sporting events, such as Formula-1, The Champions League Final, Euro Cup, The ATP Tour, The USA Masters, Beach Volleyball World Championship Tour and the Chelsea Flower Show to name a few.

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